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JuLiBao RC-2013 Shuttle Ribbon Weaving Machine

Product Overview

To adapt the market command, we have designed and developed the RC-2013 belt weaving loom, and got great attention and favor from lots of customers. We will keep working to meet with customers' comman

1. Adapt to produce different belts with chemical fibrc, cotton yarn, rayon.

2. Produce different specifications. For example, the 2.5cm wide fabric, it can make 38 belts(3 floors); when need special command we can do optimization at products for customers.

Performance and characteristics

1. The machine has simple structure, low energy consumption and low noise.

2. Strong adaptability, change the variety of production fast. easy and simple to handle, and the workers to adapt fast.

3. To keep the fabric's length and quality, do special processing in details, keep high quality of the fabric.

4. Good design at transmission mechanism, keep the speed at about 150rpm relax and adjustable.

5. Comprehensive consider, more protect switches, reduce breakdown; put safety protection device in place.

6. Installed a new apparatus for automatic warp broken detection to insure the machine stop while warp is broken.

7. Production capacity over sereval years and a professional techical team make the equipment adopt to different belt productions, and offer high quality after-sale service and technical support.

JuLiBao RC-2013 Shuttle Ribbon Weaving Machine(Three Layer structure)

JuLiBao RC-2013 Shuttle Ribbon Weaving Machine(Two Layer structure)

Advantage: Bigger shuttle to increase the volume of weft, extend the period of machine running.

Adopt latest developed self-weft calculation system, automatic production system, self-stop of wrap broken.